Session Information & Investment


As a photographer & film maker in Los Angeles, California. I am a lover of capturing organic moments and the true love that surrounds those important milestones in life. I am a lover of the calm and everday moments. Most of our lives are filled with them, we want to engrain them in our hearts and minds as they happen. Those little details, the wrinkle on their nose, their laugh and the way they say a certain word. I spend little time posing you. Instead, I sit back and wait for moments to emerge. Somtimes, a few of my clients can feel uneasy allowing such moments to emerge on their own. That's okay, we aren't all open to sharing who are with everyone at all times. We all have different stories and walks in our lives that make us who we are. In those occasions, I find that giving prompts and certain direction can allow those moments to unfold naturally.

Moments that fill the air with love. Moments that are true to your family dynamic. Moments that you will value more than gold ten years down the road.

So what does that mean for you? What kind of session are you expecting from me? It means, if you want posed artwork, I may not be the right fit, by all means, let's get those moments BUT, the most valuable in my eyes (and yours I assume since you are here), is the moments in which your child tenderly kisses you without being prompted or when your husband runs his hand on the side of your cheek in admiration.Those moments take time. A timed session is not my quest. 

It is my quest to provide you with undivided and unparalleled service. My knowledge both behind and in front of the camera allows me to provide you with the best experience you can imagine. I know what it is like to have a husband who doesn't want to be in the session. I have a six year old who likes to take naps right before a session and wakes up nice and grumpy. And, I even know what it's like to have a birth photographer present. I have been in your shoes and try to do so often so I do not forget what you feel. 

Motherhood transformed me into the woman I am today. It ignited a raw passion to capture this journey for other mothers. I found myself felling lost in the mundane yet, overly joyed to be in the midst of true love. This journey is so fleeting and it is so easy to get lost in the day to day. I don't want that for you. I don't want that for your family. You deserve to be in the photograph. Let me take care of that. 

Please don’t forget that I offer payment plans. I know what it is like to save and save for a special family session each year and I allow you to do that without breaking the bank all at once. Just let me know what package interests you and we can work out the details.

What a birth session is like.

Regardless of how you give birth; in a hospital, birth center, or home, the day you become a mother is one of the most life defining moments of your life. A birth session is unlike any other session. I capture moments you otherwise wouldn't see and moments you want to remember forever.

Meeting you is a very important part of the process and the last thing you need is a stranger hanging around while you are laboring. So having a quick cup of coffee or tea, makes it so that I am not a stranger. I want to know your story. We will also discuss your birth expectations, birth history, what to expect from me, when to call me and what moments you wish captured the most. 

The birth session includes coverage of active labor (either in your home, birthing center or in the hospital), the birth itself and up to two- four hours after. This is usually when baby’s siblings and grandparents arrive, I love to capture those first meetings. I capture the entire story and not just snips and pieces. I am on-call 24/7 for your ENTIRE "guess month". Births outside a 40 mile radius from zipcode 91350 will incur a travel fee. Please inquire with your zipcode.

I photograph with top of the line Nikon equipment. Nikon D750 & Nikon D800. I use 24mm, 35mm, 50mm & 85mm lenses. Since I photograph with professional equipment my ability to capture your story without the use of flash is my genius. But, there are moments in which flash is necessary and that will be up to you to decide. Each one of your images is edited not only for color correction, but also for individual style.

I currently only book three births a month. This allows 100%  love & service to my clients AND to my family. So the sooner you tell me your thinking of booking the better!

I want you to be able to enjoy your photographs in your hands and on your walls. Your photographs are timeless heirlooms that will be passed down for generations.

All the packages I offer include a handmade wooden box with 4x6 proofs AND digital copies on a beautiful USB.  If digital is all you want then, I may not be the photographer for you.

Why is that you ask? Well, if you were to be handed a floppy disc with images of your family members, would you be able to open the files?

What if I handed you a wood box with prints? Technology changes, it wouldn't be technology if it didn't. I am here to ensure the classic print stays forever.

The Beginning of Our Story | 4,795

This is your entire birth story with tangible heirlooms for you to pass down for generations. No detail is missed and your entire story is forever captured. This is an excellent way to not have to worry about capturing your memories and being fully present for everything that will surround you on such an important day. The convenience of booking all in advance and not worrying about anything else. I take care of it all. This is an all inclusive price. 

Included: Four different sessions covering the birth story of your child and your story of becoming parents:

  • petite maternity session (30 minute session parents only),
  • the foundation (birth photography),
  • the birth film,
  • newborn herbal bath (or documentary in home newborn session). 

*Maternity & Newborn session include mini films for each session (the birth has a full birth film included).

Yes, you read that right. Each session included has video + photos!


The Foundation | 2,295

The foundation includes ALL birth coverage for your entire "guess" month. On call for twenty four hours, seven days a week until baby is born. Coverage of active labor, birth, and up to two hours post birth. Your birth may last four hours or four days. I am there. 

75-120 edited images on a beautiful USB with printing rights and low resolution images.

Custom made handcrafted wood box with 4x6 reference prints.

Online gallery to share with friend and family (should you choose to). 

This is an all inclusive price. 

Extended films, custom framed images and heirloom albums are available for purchase a la carte.


*Birth Film | 1,695

Professionally captured video & highly edited into a birth movie. Ranging from 5-13 minutes in length (each story is unique and will vary). Beautifully set to licensed music.

*This is an add on to The Foundation listed above. The Foundation must be booked before any add-on can be included.

*4k video is available for additional cost. All birth videos will be available in 4k video in 2019

Fresh 48 Session | 795

A wonderful option when birth photography just isn't an option. I come within 48 hours of babies birth to capture the newness of parenthood. Whether you choose to birth at home, birth center or hospital, I capture the little details you so quickly forget.

Most fresh 48 sessions also include siblings. The best moments are little sibling kisses and cuddles. Fathers putting baby's first diaper and mothers in all their beautiful postpartum glory. I adore these sessions! 

This is an all inclusive price.

Included in this session is: consultation via telephone or FaceTime 

Session time; one hour (additional coverage can be made available)

Thirty  high resolution images on USB with printing rights 

Also available to purchase is a video newborn annoucement film 

Fresh 48 sessions must be booked three weeks before your estimated due date

Extended films, custom framed images and heirloom albums are available for purchase a la carte.


Documentary Session | 595

{Documentary session is for herbal bath, breastfeeding and families.}

This is an all inclusive price.

Session planning consultation via telephone or FaceTime 

Session time; one hour (additional coverage can be made available)

Thirty or more high resolution images on USB with printing rights 

Custom made beautiful wood box to hold your 4x6 proof prints and a matching USB

Family films, custom framed images and heirloom albums are available for purchase a la carte.

Returning clients: Inquire about a return client discount. 

Family Film & Documentary Session | 695

January & Febuary exclusive pricing!

{Documentary session is for newborn, herbal bath, breastfeeding and families.}

This is all inclusive price. 

Session planning consultation via telephone or FaceTime. 

Session time, one hour (additional coverage can be made available).

Fifteen high resolution images on USB with printing rights.

Custom online gallery that can be shared with friends & family for a month (with full privacy options).

Professionally captured film recorded in conjunction with your documentary photography session.

These video clips will capture the moving details. The voices, the giggles, the touch. I then color correct and edit the video to a family film you will cherish for years to come. Family films are a unique way to capture those moments that melt your heart. 

Extended films, custom framed images and heirloom albums are available for purchase a la carte.

*4k video is available for an additional cost.