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As a photographer & film maker in Los Angeles, California. I am a lover of capturing organic moments and the true love that surrounds those important milestones in life. I am a lover of the calm and everday moments. Most of our lives are filled with them, we want to engrain them in our hearts and minds as they happen. Those little details, the wrinkle on their nose, their laugh and the way they say a certain word. I spend little time posing you. Instead, I sit back and wait for moments to emerge. Moments that fill the air with love. Moments that are true to your family dynamic. Moments that you will value more than gold ten years down the road.

It is my quest to provide you with undivided and unparalleled service. My knowledge both behind and in front of the camera allows me to provide you with the best experience you can imagine. I know what it is like to have a husband who doesn't want to be in the session.I have a two year old who likes to take naps right before a session and wakes up nice and grumpy. And, I even know what it's like to have a birth photographer. 

Motherhood transformed me into the woman I am today. It ignited a raw passion to capture this journey for other mothers. I found myself felling lost in the mundane yet, overly joyed to be in the midst of true love. This journey is so fleeting and it is so easy to get lost in the day to day. I don't want that for you. I don't want that for your family. You deserve to be in the photograph. Let me take care of that. 

Please don’t forget that I offer payment plans. I know what it is like to save and save for a special family session each year and I allow you to do that without breaking the bank all at once. Just let me know what package interests you and we can work out the details.

What is a session with you like?

I am so happy you are choosing to photograph your family. It is one of the best investments you will ever do. I can assure you. If you don't belive me you can see my own family sessions here.

On the day of your session when I arrive I will come in ready to capture your family dynamic. No need for fanciness, no need for ties or Sunday clothes (unless that's what you reeeally feel comfortable in). I want to capture what typical moments in your family. However your day unfolds whether it is a tickle fest, lounging in the backyard, an outside adventure, providing the tenth snack of the day or changing the millionth diaper. It is all moments filled with love and laughter. 

Sessions last about two hours and will end when I feel all the perfect moments have been captured. 

What about my house? It is nowhere near perfect, in fact, it’s a mess!

Great! So is mine. I have kids. I am a real person. I know that houses get messy, that's what they're for.  I also know that we don't all get to hire Johnana Gaines to style our home. I don't live in my forever home but, it is where my memories are unfolding. I will do my absolute best to photograph YOU and not the mess. But sometimes, the mess will show up. But, that's okay in my book, that's life. If you're okay with that, then howdy doody keep on readin'.

My suggestion is clearing tabletop clutter. Nightstand clutter. Dresser clutter. Kitchen counter clutter. All that stuff you can just swipe with one arm into a box five minutes before I show up. Oh wait, that's what I do. You get the idea right?

What if my kids come down sick?

If anyone in your family is sick, let's reschedule (just give me a 24 hour notice please). No need to try and do something when you don't feel well. 

What if my kids have a hard moment during the session what do you do?

If your kids have a meltdown, no problem! Don't get worried or embarrassed. They are having a moment and that's okay. Doesn't bother me one bit. 

How do we prepare?

Preperation is key. I send out a questionaire after your booking fee is paid and a few weeks before your session. This questionaire will cover everything from your child's most memorable feature to your bedtime rituals. We will talk via Facetime or Skype and get to know each other before the session. Go over any final questions you may have.

I want you to feel comfortable with me. It will take time but, after a few minutes we will let down our hair and just enjoy the moments. I am there to observe and document those moments that can be taken for granted in your day to day.

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