Walth’s Go Blackberry Picking

I will admit that I don’t share as much of my family work as I used to. In fact, I stopped editing most of my family photographs. I didn’t have time. You know hoe everyone says it’s all about balance? Well I have balanced out a somewhat tidy home, food on the table and my client work. Three things. Everything else get’s rotated in once in awhile but, sadly editing my family memories doesn’t get thrown in there unless I finish a big batch of client work and find a lull. For example, right now I am waiting on a client’s images to be shipped back from the printers.

Sooooo what did I do you ask? I edited this lovely little film of my family. Last year we went blackberry picking at the cutest farm, Riley’s Stone Soup Farm. The town, Oak Glen is straight out of a storybook.  Most of the farms there are all owned by the same family! I promised myself I would make it back out during the fall season to enjoy the season changes they get there. It is rare to see season changes in California. That is my goal this year. We shall see. Maybe I am over wishing. I have babies due in the fall. Okay babies, I hear you. I will stay local 😉


Blackberry Picking at Riley’s Stone Soup Farm from Natalia Walth on Vimeo.

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In honor of mothers, just for the month of May, all in-home sessions* are $500.


in honor of mothers, los angles family photographer

Motherhood has always been my muse.

I have found myself and lost myself in this beautiful title. But it is more than a title. It is the essence of who I am. It is the essence of who I was created to be. It is easy and hard at the same time. It is overwhelming and freeing. It is frightening and hopeful.

The vision of my business revolves around the mother. I honor her. I see her.

I see you.


When was the last time you were captured for your family? When was the last time your tickle-fest was photographed? How about the way you touch your child’s cheek when he’s upset? Or the way he grabs on to your leg for safety in this big world?

We spend so much time serving our families and while we will always live in their memories, you know as well as I do that photographs carry memories in a way your brain can’t. I would love to capture your dinner routine, bath-time or even just an evening walk.

Your everyday deserves to be remembered. Don’t worry about the laundry, the unpainted walls, or the stained floors.

That isn’t what matters, your love does.


Thank you for the honor of allowing me to capture you and your family. XO

*Sessions are for local clients. Only available for new bookings. Must be paid in full at the time of booking. Sessions can be booked May-August.

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Webster’s dictionary defines midwifery as “the art or act of assisting at childbirth.”

The art. Yes, it is.

I have had the honor of working with many wonderful midwives. Truly spectacular women who share their gift with women day in and day out. Women who drop it all to be of assistance to women, to families. They hold space when you need them to. They measure blood to make sure your output is normal. They apply hip squeezes when you can’t take anyone else’s hands. They listen for heartbeats with such care and love. They hold you hand and bring reassurance. They hold your babies with tenderness. They cry with you. They laugh with you. They guide you in ways you never thought possible. They carry each birth with them everyday.  They carry each death with them each day.

On this International Day of the Midwife, cheers to the midwives!


“The greatest joy is to become a mother; the second greatest is to be a midwife” -Norwegian Proverb


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Thank you to PUSH Midwifery, Pure Births, Tribe MidwiferyJoy in Birth Midwifery, SouthCoast Midwifery, SCV Birth Center and A Quiet Birth. 



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